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Snik Snak Co. description


    Sunbury, PA -- Founded in 1961, Snik Snak Foods, Inc. (SSFI) is a major east-coast manufacturer of snack foods with sales of over $200 million. The founder of the company, Anna Miller, enjoyed creating home-made snacks for her children, James and Jodie. In turn, her children would share these snacks with their classmates. The snacks were a big hit with everyone who tasted them.

    Mrs. Miller began receiving requests to make these snacks for other families. From this increased demand, SSFI was formed and is now a major manufacturer of snack foods in the United States. SSFI employs over 2,000 people with Mrs. Miller remaining Founder and President of the company.

    In 1998 she handed over the day-to-day operations to her daughter who is now the Chief Operating Officer. Mrs. Miller’s son remains with the company as its Chief Financial Officer and both Jodie and James look for new opportunities and challenges as they carry on their mother’s work.

    Snik Snak Foods, Inc. continues to look toward future expansion into Canada, South America and other international markets.

    The introduction of healthy snack food products is one of the latest additions to the continually expanding product line. SSFI continues to research new ideas to remain at the forefront of their market.

    Mrs. Miller and her company are celebrating more than 50 years in the food/snack industry and are continuing to grow. Anna Miller has never forgotten the importance of family and, as one of the top employers in Pennsylvania, is considered a family-friendly place to work. SSFI provides on-site child care, a large cafeteria, exercise facilities and other excellent fringe benefits.

    Corporate offices of Snik Snak Foods, Inc. are located at 9500 Industrial Boulevard, Sunbury, PA 17801-2345


    President and Founder: Anna M. Miller

    Chief Operating Officer: Jodie M. Smith

    Chief Financial Officer:  James W. Miller

    Chief Information Officer: Ophelia Blackstone

    Vice President-Sales: Teresa J. Jones

    Vice President- Operations: Thomas S. Snook

    Vice President- Research and Development: Marvin T. James

    Vice President- Human Resources: Janet P. Sones-Mayer

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